Cupid Had Helpers

As you might expect from New Jersey’s first independent school, Rutgers Prep has its share of traditions.

A visitor to Rutgers Prep on February 11th could have witnessed an unusual sight as a small parade of well-bundled children from Mrs. Papa’s Pre-K class made their way to the school’s Upper School Office from our Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC). The children were completing the final step in a long-standing Rutgers Prep tradition – sending hand-made surprise Valentines home through the United States Postal Service.

This project provides the students with an opportunity to be creative, to see a complicated piece of postal equipment at work, to connect to the wider Rutgers Prep community, and to learn a little bit about how the world beyond Rutgers Prep works. (There were some interesting conversations about “sorting” going on.) The children were also encouraged to keep their Valentines a secret, so that they could arrive at their homes as a surprise. (We wonder how many of them managed it!)

The main goal of the project, though, was of course to give the children an opportunity to express their love to their families. They were so pleased and proud!