Extended Family / Extended Experiences

As both a Rutgers Prep alum and the Chair of our Art Department, Scot J. Wittman is in an even better position than most to capitalize on the possibilities of the family that is Rutgers Prep.

In his Photo 3 class this year, Scot reached out to alumni/ae who he thought would be up for a cross-generational art-based challenge.

Current students were asked to select one of their images to share. Each current student was then carefully paired with a former student who Scot thought would match well based on the image and/or the personality. Invited alumni/ae spanned many years and are now in different professions: surgeon, event planner and of course photographer to name a few. Each invited alum was asked to create an image that paired well with the supplied image. Scot said “I have been wanting to launch this for years and this was the perfect time; not only are cameras ubiquitous, the current students flew through initial academic assignments and were voracious with conceptual assignments. They are inspiring. I knew they would rise to occasion.”

The diptychs below are the result of four of the first round of student/alum pairings. Neither the current nor the former students know who the other is… but they connected through their art, having fun and learning as they went.

Every alum who participated this year said that they’d be “up for” being paired with another student next year. Because that’s how things go, in the extended Rutgers Prep family.