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So Much To Celebrate

Did you know?

This year’s Diwali celebration was Rutgers Prep’s fifth.

The first year, the event was held in Baldwin Hall.

By the second year, the number of RSVP’s forced a change of venue to a (much) larger space.

This year’s show featured 128 performers

from across all three divisions at Rutgers Prep.

And a full 25% of this year’s dancers

came from families of non-Indian heritage.

It was a wonderful and affirming celebration;

thanks again to everyone involved!

(Hattip to event coordinator extraordinaire Mythili Lahiri,

and to Hari Ramsubramani for capturing the finale on video.)

It’s About Character

(RPS Middle School students posting their signed Honor Pledges.)

“I met a woman yesterday who had nothing but wonderful things to say about Rutgers Prep. Her neighbor’s children either are attending now, or have graduated. She said they are the kindest, most polite young men she has ever met. When speaking with them they actually look you right in the eye, use correct grammar and shake your hand when they are about to leave. She wanted to know if that’s what they teach at Rutgers Prep. She stated that respect seems to be a dying subject. My response, as usual, is that it starts in the home. However, at Rutgers Prep, it starts with the three/four year old children and continues right up to the twelfth grade.” ~ grandmother of a current RPS student (continued >>)

A Tale of Two DJ’s

“I’m sure you agree that as a whole, the school encourages exploration, for a student’s own personal growth as well as their growth academically and in extracurricular activities.” ~ Andrew Parr ’12

Within weeks of their arrival at their college campuses this fall (Ithaca College and St. Olaf College, respectively), these two recent graduates were already making their marks. Each a well-known music aficionado during their time at Rutgers Prep, both Matt Mikkelsen ’12 and Andrew Parr ’12 are now DJing their own shows for their colleges’ radio stations. (continued >>)