Rutgers Prep Students Engage With Their Future

Student Council President Gita Ganti ’18 (Wesleyan ’22) welcomes attendees at our Career Night

Traditionally, Rutgers Prep’s School Council has hosted a Career Day every other year; this year’s students were faced with a scheduling challenge and successfully rose to meet that challenge with a creative solution. This year’s event represented Rutgers Prep’s first-ever Career NIGHT.

Close to 150 people attended the popular event, starting with dinner and networking from 6:30pm to 7:00pm.

John Wisniewski, local legislator and NJ gubanatorial candidate, kicked things off with an enthusiastic and encouraging set of opening remarks that focused on the satisfactions of public service, and who shared the throughline of seeking to be “good”… from his perspective, if you commit to being good at what you do as well as good to the people you work with, good things will happen.

Dr. Uchenna Akosa, Director of Rutgers Health Dental Associates, and dentist at AZ Dental Care, LLC, stressed the importance of the students’ high school experience as a foundation for everything that comes after.

Alumna Christina Harkar, who now works for Audible, focused in her remarks on the role of failure in her journey, and as a two-time “stop out” college student, shared the idea of all the non-linear paths to success. “Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do; what you want to do may not even exist yet!”

Additional speakers included Financial Consultant Joel Spangler and Computer Science professor Dr. Bahman Kalantari. The guest speakers’ remarks were finished up by about 8:30pm, but our enthusiastic students were deeply engaged with them in small informal conversations for quite a while afterwards. “We really felt as though were were kicking people out at the end of the evening,” said Dean of Faculty Nandini Dutta. “The students just didn’t want to leave!”

Echoing Mrs. Dutta’s comments, senior Joe Ramallo ‘17 said, “I really love the new format for Career Night this year,” while junior Samatha Kodali ‘18 shared: “I would have to have to say that my favorite moment from Career Night was the time after all the speakers had given their talks when there was time for the audience and speakers to mingle, discuss the content of the talks further, and connect in general. This really allowed for relationships between different generations and parts of the RPS community to cement. The takeaway from this moment in particular is that everyone in the RPS community, no matter what age or occupation, always learns from each other. A close second on my list of favorites would be trying the dessert.”

The event was deemed a success by all who were able to attend, once again demonstrating the ability of Rutgers Prep students to organize and lead for the betterment of their community.

Many interested students stayed afterwards for the chance to exchange ideas and questions with our speakers