A Tale of Two DJ’s

“I’m sure you agree that as a whole, the school encourages exploration, for a student’s own personal growth as well as their growth academically and in extracurricular activities.” ~ Andrew Parr ’12

Within weeks of their arrival at their college campuses this fall (Ithaca College and St. Olaf College, respectively), these two recent graduates were already making their marks. Each a well-known music aficionado during their time at Rutgers Prep, both Matt Mikkelsen ’12 and Andrew Parr ’12 are now DJing their own shows for their colleges’ radio stations. (continued >>) Matt Mikkelsen’s weekly show is called “Eve Out Loud,” and is designed to showcase music by great female performers. Here are his instructions for how to catch his show: “I’m on Sundays at 8pm! If you have recommendations please send them my way. My twitter handle is @mmikkelsen1, and the station is @WICB. You can stream the station online from iheartradio.com, WICB.org, or, in the college section of itunes radio, just search WICB!”

When I asked him about how the transition from Rutgers Prep to Ithaca was going, here’s what Matt had to say: “Coming from a graduating class of (+-) 90, it felt odd to step on to a campus with 6500 students (which is a small college by most standards). Anyone who is in any way attached to Prep talks about the “Community” of Rutgers Prep. Coming from an alum, this diverse “Prep” community is a very real, and very powerful, and I miss it every day, but it gave me the confidence in college to meet hundreds, if not thousands of people, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

RPS taught me that a diverse community isn’t just something to strive for, it’s something that is necessary for a functioning society. Prep made me want to know my college as well as I knew my high school. I brought this urge to have a community to college, and it led me to join the Ithaca College radio station (WICB). Working alongside fellow college students to run a 24/7 full fledged broadcasting radio station that serves over 200,000 FM listeners, and worldwide streaming online in multiple forms, gave me a community to thrive in. Being apart of WICB also led me to greater community involvement in the City of Ithaca, DJing festivals, and charity events really caused me to connect to the community of the locals. Without the experience of the Rutgers Prep community, I would not have been so open to meet others, as well as strive for excellence in my community. Prep taught me to strive for this excellence, and I saw direct results of this when I was named DJ of the week, my first two weeks working at the station.”

Andrew Parr’s show is focused on choral and classical music, and he, too, was quick to make offer folks an opportunity to listen while making an explicit connection between his preparation at Rutgers Prep and his readiness to take advantage of the opportunities at St. Olaf:

“My radio show is broadcast on KSTO radio, which a listener can reach and listen to via this link: http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/ksto/listen.html I’m on from 4-5 E/T and I do take requests via parra@stolaf.edu. Also, if someone wishes to call into the station via the phone number on the link, they can do so and be put on air if they wish! It’s so much fun to get to talk to people during the shows. All throughout my 14 years at Rutgers Prep, I was fortunate to have extremely close relationships with my teachers, always. Because of that, I’ve always had a little encouragement from them, be it direct or indirect, to go after something I want, knowing that I’ll have encouragement behind me. Because that’s what Rutgers Prep does – I’m sure you agree that as a whole, the school encourages exploration, for a student’s own personal growth as well as their growth academically and in extracurricular activities.

What I’ve been able to do here at St. Olaf in regard to the radio show is, quite literally, combine the two. My major here is Music Education. One of the “Extracurricular actvities”, if you will, offered here is to participate in the radio station. I’m using the radio as a means to educate people ABOUT the music I’m playing. What I do on the show is I simply play pieces of music, either instrumental Classical music or choral music, and then I talk a little bit about what I just played. It’s really a straightforward format, but I figured I’d get two types of listeners (there’s a reason I chose the broadcast time that I did). I’ll either get kids who, like me, enjoy this type of music and will be interested in what I’m saying…that, of course, is ideal. But secondly, I’ll get kids who find Classical music relaxing or focusing (a lot of them do out here) and will put my show on while they do homework. I’ve been told it really does help!”

We’re always happy to hear from Rutgers Prep graduates when they come back to visit; Andrew and Matt’s stories of “taking their game to the next level” fall into a pattern we are proud to have heard about year after year.

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    Congratulations! Would ‘Prep’ let me do my HS thing over again?


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    R P Krause


    Good job! Makes me want to redo HS. Is there an age limit for student admission to ‘Prep”?


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